Thursday, 16 April 2009

Times are changing

I seem to hear that song from that guy who was quiet famous in the 1960s in America Boob Dylan, since i watch the news quiet frequently BBC news 24 put his song for some program and I've heard it quiet a few times at some shopping stores.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

New law in sweden effecting Filesharing and torrents

Piracy law cuts internet traffic

This is going to effect everyone I know lol
not really
Though Pirate bay is more of a symbol of the modern age internet freedom that exists weather you think they are correct about what they do (few intellectually do) or not though i don't care much for the big Hollywood companies, music groups and sometimes just files which hard to get else where even trying to buy them
Anything that is digital and can be put on the net in reality will be out their that's is reality whatever people think you just cant stop people sharing copyrighted files. Doing so is pointless and counterproductive, the producers need to think of new strategy for people to buy the goods of the internet genuinely out of their own will instead of sharing it .

Saturday, 4 April 2009

I love this girl

shes a bit ill at the moment, god willing she'll get better

Fear has no rational bounds

Pakistani Taliban leader claims responsibility for Binghamton shooting; authorities quickly refute

Fear has no rational bounds

How did this Story spread like wildfire from unknown phone call apparently obviously to one news sources whoever the journalist or if he was journalists who put it out to a wire agency, AP, Reuters and AFP my best guess but this one has the original source apparently being the press trust of india

even when the facts were established it was by a disgruntaled man the spread of a false story didnt stop and theirs past 650 different news outlets all reporting and fueling the fire

Society and The Media

Im not going to introduce myself as if i expect anyone to read this blog out of millions out their who are already established, But When I blog here my focus will generally be on some of the crazy media sensations that occur mainly in the UK as thats where I am based, to do with Muslims, minorities and all things that seem profundly wrong in some away.

I especially hate the Sun, the express, daily star, Telegraph, sky news and the daily mail, have any ideas what sort of person I am I hope to prove you wrong who ever you you are and if you ever exist lol

Though My primary purpose Is to put my opinions out their weather anyone reads it or not, just be trivial and show some character

It should be fun